ATV / UTV | VRM 400 Kawasaki Mule

VRM 400

Kawasaki Mule

This tire was made to withstand heavy loads and long rides with specialty sidewall construction and tread pattern for the Mule.


  • Specifically designed and sized for the Mule
  • Smooth rolling tire prevents “lawn Scars”
  • Heavy duty sidewall construction for heavy loads
  • Long wearing tread pattern with smooth ride
  • Tighter knob pattern grips hard surfaces
  • Perfect all around “work” tire


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Pattern. Model No. Part No. SIZE LI/SI Rec. Rim OD SW Tread Depth Max Load MAX PSI
VRM400 VRM400 A40001 23×11-10 6 9.00 564 268 19/32
Mule A40002 23×11-10 8 9.00 554 267 19/32  –  –