Dual Sport / Adventure | VRM 274/275 Yamaha TW 200

VRM 274/275

Yamaha TW 200

Great on pavement or off-road, the unique tread pattern of this tire clears mud and debris, while maintaining high mileage durability with a long-wearing compound.


  • O.E. quality replacement tires for the Yamaha TW200 at a fraction of the cost of originals
  • Excellent performance on pavement
  • The rear VRM-275 has a 937 lb. load rating. Front VRM-274 has 661 lb. load rating
  • Self-cleaning tread design clears mud and debris
  • Smooth rolling tread design for comfortable pavement runs


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Pattern. Model No. Part No. SIZE LI/SI Rec. Rim OD SW Tread Depth Max Load MAX PSI
Dual Sport VRM274 M27401 130/80-18 TT 66P 3.00 671 116 12/32 660 33
VRM275 M27501 180/80-14 TT 78P 4.00 639 18 16/32 935 33