Jeff Melik: Race Report (12/07/2012)

ECEA Enduro Series- Barbed Wire Enduro: Fassett, PA

Result: 1stth OA

This past weekend I was able to continue my winning ways at the Barbed Wire Enduro in Fassett, PA. This race is well known throughout the ECEA to have some of the most fun, flowing, and rider friendly trail in the whole series. Even though it is in PA it isn’t the typical rock pounder that the keystone state is known for. Instead it has a mix of slate rock and dirt that is similar to what I’m used to at home in Ohio. Leading up to the race we had two weeks off and I took some time off the bike to get refreshed for the next set of back-to-back rounds. During the small break in the action I took some time to make some changes to the bike that I have wanted to try and after a successful testing session on Wednesday before the race I was confident that my Gas Gas 300 was even more tailored to my liking.


Conditions were just about perfect with temps around 80 and dry but not dusty trail. The great conditions and fun trail made it one of the most fun races that I have done all year. Overall my day was pretty uneventful, I made very few mistakes and was able to stay off the ground which I’m sure helped my result in the end. Next weekend I will be back at it in PA for the Foggy Mountain Enduro and hope to have similar results.

Top 3:

  1. Jeff Melik GAS
  2. Jeff PasquaKTM
  3. Brian MelikYAM

I would like to thank: Gas GasOffroad, Fly Racing, Vee Rubber, Pro-Action, Dirt Tricks, Leo Vince,G2 Ergonomics, Rekluse, Ripped Vinyl Graphics, Motul, WER