Vintage Street / Vintage MX | VRM 394 Winner

VRM 394


The Winner tire was created for just that—winning. Utilize this tire for US Dirt Track competition with a custom grooved tread for track conditions.


  • Specifically developed for US Dirt Track competition by American’s
  • Vee Rubber’s unique Tackee compound for
    precise control
  • Great hookup on starts and corner exits
  • Available in popular DT sizes
  • Tread design can be custom grooved for
    track conditions
  • Race tires DOT approved for street or highway use
  • Available in DOT “Street Tracker” tread compound


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Pattern. Model No. Part No. SIZE LI/SI Rec. Rim OD SW Tread Depth Max Load MAX PSI
WINNER VRM394 M39401 27.0×7.0-19 TT DOT 3.00 673 128 9/32
M39402 27.5×7.5-19 TT DOT 3.00 691 138 9/32
M39403 27.0×7.0-19 TT DOT Street 3.00 673 128 9/32
M39404 27.5×7.5-19 TT DOT Street 3.00 691 138 9/32